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Social media agency FreshNetworks helped Topshop create and implement a campaign called ‘Wish You Were At Topshop’.


FreshNetworks helped Topshop integrate social media with the ‘real life’ offline world, raising awareness about the Topshop brand while at the same time giving shoppers a fun, in-store experience.

After receiving a free styling and make-up session, shoppers were invited to create a digital ‘Wish You Were At Topshop’ postcard using photo sharing app Instagram. Topshop was the first in the industry to work with Instagram in this way.

Customers were photographed using an iPad2, selecting Instagram filters to change the effect of the picture.

Once the photo had been taken customers were given a “Wish You Were At Topshop” branded postcard to take home with, as well as being able to upload the image, in-store, to their own Facebook page and the “Wish You Were At Topshop” gallery on Topshop’s own Facebook page.

Wish You Were in Topshop” ran in 5 cities - London, New York, Dublin, Liverpool and Manchester - for 11 days.

The digital side of the campaign was supported by "Wish You Were At Topshop" window displays in London and New York. Stores also received small amounts of promotional "Wish You Were At Topshop" postcards.


•“Wish You Were At Topshop” generated significant PR and was covered in a variety of titles including Mashable, Marketing magazine, Time Out London and Campaign magazine.

•In just 11 days over 640 blogs covered the “Wish You Were At Topshop” campaign, giving a reach of 1.3 million.

•“Wish You Were At Topshop” generated an extra 5.3 million views on Facebook, as well as over 2,000 comments.

•The campaign was mentioned extensively across Twitter and Topshop’s Facebook page views and unique views increased as a direct result of the campaign (page views increased by 25,000 and unique views increased by 10,000).

•TOTAL reach for the campaign exceeded 7.5 million.

•The campaign also helped to generate new, shareable content for Topshop – 2,595 images were uploaded to Instagram as a result of the campaign, helping Topshop become the #1 fashion retailer for content creation on Instagram in the shortest period of time (beating Burberry and Kate Spade to the top position).

•“Wish You Were At Topshop” helped to drive footfall and interaction in-store:

“Customers were phoning in friends to come and try it for themselves.”
-Topshop Liverpool Store Manager

“Customers and managers commented on the success - Customers were excited about putting their photos on Facebook.”
-Faye Whittingdon, Topshop Oxford Circus, London, Store Manager

•The campaign used Instagram in a unique, innovative way:

“We're excited that Topshop's visitors will get to experience Instagram in the stores and beyond, and look forward to seeing the photos taken through this unique campaign."
-Mike Krieger, co-founder, Instagram

Wish You Were At Topshop originally appeared in the July 2011 contest.

Wish You Were At Topshop


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