The best way to get fit and stay fit is with a personal trainer.

By combining Nike's experience in athletic training with Xbox Kinect's powerful full body sensor technology, for the first time we can give everyone a motivating and effective personal trainer in their own home.

Nike+ Kinect Training is the most personalised home training experience in the world. Take an assessment, set your goal and receive a training program that is unique to you. Choose a personal trainer and get real-time feedback. Train with friends and earn NikeFuel. All in your own home.

Chris Anderson, the former Editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine said ‘Nike+ Kinect Training is as good as a real trainer and costs less than 1hr’s lesson’ while ESPN said it was ‘more immersive than any other fitness game’.

Nike+ Kinect Training has redefined the home training experience and has given everyone the chance to reach their fitness potential.

Nike+ Kinect Training came first in the January 2013 contest.

Nike+ Kinect Training





October, 2012

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