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bespoke offers is a new service from Barclaycard that brings you deals based on your purchasing behaviour.
So as it knows what sorts of things you like to buy, it only finds you offers on the things you want most.

Setting out to capture 100k email addresses, Barclaycard wanted to leverage their sponsorship of the Premier League and promote the service to football fans. The result: My Player Twin.

The premise is simple: to show how good bespoke offers is at finding deals unique to you, it will find the Premier League pro who looks like you.

Finding your twin is easy. Sign in through Facebook, choose a picture and then watch the game scan over 600 Premier League players to find your match in an instant. Once it’s found your lookalike, it gives you an accuracy rating and options to share your result via email, Facebook and Twitter.

The Top Twins gallery showcases the best lookalikes throughout the UK, and you can search results by friends, players and teams. A bespoke offers tab introduced the service with a button through to

My Player Twin originally appeared in the May 2013 contest.

My Player Twin

Bespoke Offers by Barclaycard

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