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DDB UK move to animation for Marmite’s new ‘Hate Cuisine’ campaign.
Marmite’s new ‘Hate Cuisine’ campaign firmly positions the nation’s most divisive yeast extract against pretentious food and exploits the product’s versatility, presenting it as the perfect cooking ingredient to help banish bland meals for good.
The activity launched with a new TV ad premiered on Monday 4th July 2011, introducing animated characters Dave and Geoff (a frog and snail) who champion no-nonsense cooking. The ads will run till the end of September, rolling out across TV, digital channels and print exclusively with the Evening Standard, directing consumers to a campaign Facebook page, recipe app and competition which will be launched to coincide with the ads.
DDB’s evolution of the classic love hate positioning is aimed to attract a younger, twenty-something audience than the spread’s family heartland. The ads present Marmite as the ultimate flavour-enhancer of the simple, uncomplicated dishes that are staples in the often busy and spontaneous pre-family lifestyle. Amongst the dishes showcased are spaghetti bolognese, poached egg on crumpet and BBQ chicken.
The campaign will be amplified with Splendid’s ‘Marmite Mondays’ PR activity, comprised of an online mini-series starring Trigger Happy TV comedian Dom Joly spoofing celebrity chefs whilst cooking easy and tasty Marmite meals. The mini-series will be launched on Monday 18th July and will be supported by a research-led news story. The idea is based on the insight that the target audience often view Mondays as the worst day of the week. This presented the opportunity for Marmite to take ownership of the day and provide inspirations to brighten up the start of the week, with all activity launching on Mondays.
The campaign is a collaboration between DDB (advertising), Splendid Communications (PR and digital), Mindshare (media planning) and Iris (ECRM).
Tom Denyard, Marketing Manager at Unilever, commented, “We’re delighted to be launching the new ‘Hate Cuisine’ campaign and expect the different elements, including the Dave and Geoff animations and Marmite Mondays concept, to particularly appeal to our lapsed audience who love the brand but would welcome more inventive ways to incorporate the product in their every day meals. It’s a really exciting time for Marmite and we hope the campaign to be a huge success.”
Patrick McClelland, Art Director for Marmite at DDB UK commented, “Feargal and I thought the ideal characters to debunk the pretentious culture of ‘Haute Cuisine’ would be Dave and Geoff - a frog and a snail. Not only do they have a vested interest in doing so but, coincidentally, they also just happen to be huge Marmite fans”
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Marmite 'Hate Cuisine' Campaign came third in the June 2011 contest.

Marmite 'Hate Cuisine' Campaign




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