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As the recession settles in and as budgets for holidays get even smaller, Lidl came to the rescue of Irish consumers once again with its unique Facebook competition “Stake the Break”. Launching the multiple online offering of seriously cheaper breaks on the Lidl website, the competition was soft launched to Lidl’s Facebook strong fan base and was advertised through press and Facebook before the start of the summer.

This is the first pure retail competition for Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland on Facebook. The brand already successfully advertised on the platform last year to recruit its fan base with games such as Lidl Big Trolley, The Punkinator and the Jinglator. Each game brought the brand an average of 6,000 new fans. Through simple generation-game style competitions to guess the right price of products, or through engaging seasonal photo album tools, Lidl mobilised its core audience on Facebook and was the recipient of much brand love on their Facebook wall. The Lidl PR team is conversing with fans and consumers on a daily basis, answering queries, informing on new offerings and noting the many proofs of affection from brand lovers.

Lidl’s new competition is a departure from the “fan recruitment” competition format and a clear signal that the brand is now embracing Facebook as a strong retail channel. Sébastien Sicot, Creative Director at Bluecube, the agency behind all Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland Facebook competitions explains: “Facebook is the perfect space for advertising weekly Ireland holidays deals at a very low cost. Travel and Value are 2 core focus for Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland consumers online. We have created a competition engine that can run for months at very little cost. While the campaign was launched with some press and Facebook paid inventory, we expected that the competition mechanics would help us reach at least 250,000 Facebook users weekly at no cost through wall posts and competition traces - we were delighted with the results! The competition was also be the perfect format to trial the Facebook Sponsored Story ad format.”


Females/25-34/ Stay at home parent or spouse were the core target for the acquisition exercise. 30-55 years old females were the larger audience targeted by the media buy. Lidl chose to focus the activity on the audience most likely to interact with Facebook games and most likely to switch to Lidl for their shopping top-up habits. While their audience is skew to a later segment, they decided to use Facebook as a dedicated channel to reach a younger population.


We were tasked to create and build upon a social media strategy to promote Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland’s holiday deal offering via Facebook and generate engagement around the brand’s core competency – their low price USP.

Objectives can be broken down into the following:

1. Instantaneous awareness through an engaging game and multiple chances to win from day one.
2. Instantaneous noise through PR, talkability, social network traces on walls and referrals.
3. Instantaneous conversation with the consumers 5,000 unique competition entries.
4. Increase the fan base by 12%


The competition relied on an amusing dart throwing game which allowed players to aim at their favorite hotel 3 times on a Google map. The Lidl Breaks deal of the week was announced on Facebook every Monday at 11am, and players who staked their break at that particular hotel were entered in a draw to win the hotel deal offer. Players who did not win were only one click away from booking the great offer themselves.


We monitored the campaign success on a bi-weekly basis. Lidl expected that the audience of the competition would grow organically, with each weekly opportunity to win the Lidl Breaks Deal creating fame on Facebook. More importantly Lidl expected a huge increase in traffic referral to its Lidl Breaks website. As the game let players navigate the map of Ireland in a quest for the deal of the week, Lidl was confident that it would raise awareness of the great portfolio of seriously cheaper stay’cations on offer.

The results for the 8 week campaign, which was launched on 31 March and ran until Monday 23 May far exceeded our expectations.

High levels of awareness on the facebook page with fans regularly interacting and asking questions about the next competition, when the winner would be announced etc.
11,183 competition entries
7,382 individuals installed the application
7,121 individuals played the game (42% more than our initial objectives)
Over half of the individual players opted to post the game trace to their wall (this was not an automated trace, and users had to choose to share with friends via their wall)
We increased our facebook fan base by 11,350 fans during the campaign period (more than double our initial objectives)
1,038 people opted in to receive email communication from Lidl outside of facebook
77,789 unique users viewed or interacted with Lidl Ireland’s page and posts
There were over 2 Million views of a news feed story by Lidl Ireland during the campaign period

The Lidl Breaks campaign exceeded all expectations. The Lidl brand globally is now using our facebook page as the benchmark for social media performance globally.

Lidl - Stake the Break originally appeared in the May 2011 contest.

Lidl - Stake the Break


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