The work

CMW created KRAVE KRUSADER, a 2D side-scrolling platform game available as a Facebook app (launched May 2011) and mobile app (iPhone and Android launching late July 2011). The game recruits new Krave Facebook fans to the existing facebook community and provides current fans with new content. It engages fans with the brand and brings to life the core ad concept underpinning Krave – the character’s relentless pursuit of chocolate. The game reflects the personality, behaviour and movement of the KRAVE character who will stop at nothing to fuel his appetite

CMW was appointed in 2010 to create the social media/broader digital strategy for the launch of new Kellogg’s cereal brand, Krave.

The facebook game and mobile app launched on-pack and were promoted to the existing Facebook Krave community. A QR code allows download of the game directly to iPhone/Android phones. TV, outdoor and Facebook online ad campaign were also used.

The mobile app features additional features, e.g. a chocolate hunt, a virtual game challenging players to search for /collect chocolate chunks in their immediate surroundings using GPS co-ordinates. By checking into these locations online, players can capture the chocolate and add them to their Facebook account to progress to further levels of the game.

Kellogg’s Krave also has a presence at summer festivals with a Kellogg’s “Tunes and Spoons” area – visitors get a discounted breakfast when they check in using their mobile phones.
The leaderboards, real-time team play and challenges between friends have been designed to engage the young adult audience and ‘social’ elements encourage easy sharing to social networks.

The locations (GPS co-ordinates) of leading multiples are built into the mobile game and independent retailers may also be included at a later date.

A Krave Krusader fan has posted a video of himself on youtube reviewing and playing the game.

Kellogg's Krave Krusader game originally appeared in the July 2011 contest.

Kellogg's Krave Krusader game


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