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The ambition of the bespoke album creation experience was to re-launch Kaiser Chiefs with a unique, engaging idea that broke with conventional model of releasing an album. Fans can create their perfect version of the ‘Future is Medieval’ album, design their own artwork and then sell their creations for a £1 commission.

The platform places the fans at the heart and subverts conventional models of releasing an album. The Kaiser Chiefs Bespoke Album Creation Experience gave the fans the opportunity and tools to make their album themselves. They recorded 20 songs, fans could choose 10, design their artwork and be given a bespoke webpage to promote their album. They also received a suite of banners and PDF poster based on their artwork to help promote their creation to friends.

On a technical level, fans could dynamically compile their song selection and design their album cover associated to their tracks. This was enabled by dynamically changing MP3 ID3 Meta data. Upon download they could see their artwork in iTunes with their personalised track selection.

Another novelty was introducing kickback payments to the mix. Fans paid £7.50 to create their album and for every version of their album sold they received £1 in their PayPal.

The Kaiser Chiefs Bespoke Album Creation Experience was created by Wieden + Kennedy in collaboration with Specialmoves.

Kaiser Chiefs' Bespoke Album Creation Experience came first in the August 2011 contest.

Kaiser Chiefs' Bespoke Album Creation Experience

Kaiser Chiefs'

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