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In July 2007, Grand Union launched a summer campaign for The Department of Health. Under the umbrella brand of ‘Condom Essential Wear’, the focus of this campaign was to extend the strategy of normalising condoms amongst young adults and to communicate to our target audience that they should pack condoms when they are going away on holiday. 

Strong engagement with the audience was important as they are unlikely to seek out this educative information themselves. The ‘bounce’ execution focussed on grabbing the users attention. Initially the ad appears to be focused on a girl having sex, however as the ad continues, the reveal shows that she is actually struggling to close her suitcase as she is trying to fit in her essential travel wear item - condoms. The ‘beer goggles’ executions focus on engagement through interaction and allow users to interact with the ‘beer/cocktail’ glass slider. The ads communicate that if you have and use condoms when you are on holiday, you can stay safe even if your judgement is impaired. 

For the media schedule, i-level selected sites where summer holiday planning would be front of mind, in order for the creative to have as much relevance as possible to the target audience. Examples of this included Expedia and Lonely Planet. The schedule also included summer festival sites such as NME, Ministry of Sound and Virgin Radio, ensuring that as many condom consideration points were reached as possible. Finally, sites that enable communication between the target audience such as MSN were also utilised. 

Additionally a campaign landing page was developed to ensure that all the reasons for you to take condoms away with you on holiday were communicated. 

Condom Essential Wear - Summer came second in the October 2007 contest.

Condom Essential Wear - Summer

Department of Health

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